Just Join IT – AMA

Do you know the realities of working on Google or Facebook?

Me neither. Join to a series of live streams with Polish programmers working around the world: San Francisco / Silicon Valley, Seattle, Dubai, Zurich, and even Singapore.

Piotr Nowosielski will talk with them and you will know their stories. He intend to get closer to the realities of work and life right there. What to do to get to the next level and how to get there? Such knowledge in Poland is missing

What the programmer needs to know to get to that company, and what tools they use there. How are departments organized, eg in teams are leaders, or in teams are testers. Generally all you would like to know.

That’s why it will be the first live stream “AMA – Ask Me Anything” You can also ask questions – just visit their profiles or do it during live stream. In addition, all interviews will be recorded.



Date: 4-20 May 2017
Registration: Link