Hello Cloud 2017 – Imagine Cup

Hello Cloud – Cloud computing is changing the technology industry. When you start looking for your first job, will you have the cloud on your résumé? You will if you compete in our Hello Cloud Challenge!

Create a database driven photo sharing website in the cloud! Azure App Services is a set of services provided by Microsoft Azure to enable developers to easily build and deploy Web apps and mobile apps for various platforms and devices. Included in the App Service family are Azure Web Apps, which allow you to quickly and easily deploy Web sites built with tools and languages you’re already familiar with; Azure Mobile Apps, which provide data services, syncing services, notification services, and other back-end services for popular mobile operating systems; Azure API Apps, which simplify the writing, publishing, and consuming of cloud APIs; and Azure Logic Apps, which are great for automating business processes. In this lab, you will use the cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor to build a Web site that uses PHP server-side scripting. The site will allow you to upload, browse, and display photos, and it will store photos in a MySQL database. You will then provision a new Azure Web App to host the site. Finally, you will upload the site’s content to the newly provisioned Web App and view it in your browser.


Create a database driven photo sharing website in the cloud for a chance to win $1000!


Date: 2017
Registration: Link