Cyber Security Manchester

Cyber Security Manchester is conveniently co-located with five other IP EXPO Manchester events: Cloud, Networks & Infrastructure, AI, Analytics & IOT, DevOps and Open Source.

In the new world of organised cyber crime and the dark net, it’s not a question of if you’ll be hacked, but when. In the Cyber Security area, we bring you all the latest security solutions that can help you detect any untoward activity on your network in real time. That way, you can react faster to protect your assets and customers, and meet regulatory requirements for managing and reporting security breaches.

When it comes to mitigating cyber security risks, knowledge is power. In the Cyber Security area, we showcase all the latest threat intelligence solutions that can help you identify untoward activity on your network, and predict future threats based on industry wide security trends and data


Date: 26-27 April 2017
Registration: Link